Sysics, Overview

As video games have become an irreplaceable part of our global culture and it includes all we are seeking: creativity, growth, competition, wealth and much more, we choose the gaming industry. Microsoft says there are more than two billion gamers around the world, and they're all a part of a rapidly growing global community. As an industry, video games generated $119.6 billion of revenue during 2018, according to SuperData. This field is not only about entertainment, Business Insider explored how video games have embraced innovation and reshaped the way we look at the world.

In Tunisia developers are still hesitated about this field and game studio and indie developers are few. When you look for a game 100% Tunisian What the company does? Our company offers to costumer video branding, 2D animations. Also we develop mobile video game high quality character models along with environment, vehicle, props and creature models. As the team is composed of not only game developer but also 3D artist, graphic designer and animator, Sysics is able to work on VR and AR products.

Target costumer is not only Tunisian gamer but also we aim to introduce our games and services to gamers and costumers around the world. Our goal is to introduce Tunisian products to the international market. For our first indie game « Carwell » the target segment is USA market and Middle East. In USA 70% of population play mobile games daily. Adults and teens are our potential costumer. Among mobile gamers 22.5% are between the ages of 18 and 24 years, 33% between 25 and 34 years and 26.5 % between 35 and 45 years. For the Middle East market, we will focus on 3 countries: Qatar, UAE and KSA. In these countries almost 90% of smartphone owners play video games (18 to 45 years old).

Only few Tunisian developers are in the gaming field. In the last years only few game studios have been founded despite the talents we have in Tunisia. We are willing to take a place among the most known video game creators. Sysics is a scalable company, especially with the high speed of evolution in gaming industry. In response to this climate, Sysics will offer other services, including customized commercial video games and 3D videos/models for other companies especially in the healthcare and automotive industry. Sysics game studio was incepted in 2019; It is located in Sfax, Tunisia. Under the API with the ID: 1632952P. The startup has two shareholders with the equity 50% for each. The main service provided by our company is mobile video games as well as customized services such as VR and AR, 3D Modeling, Video branding, Animations. Sysics Game studio will join the gaming and 2D/ 3D/ XR creations industry. The revenues of the mobile gaming industry reached 68.5 billion US dollars. Newzoo expects that number to reach 190.4 billion US dollars by 2020. It also notes that 2.35 billion people will download games on their smartphones. The target customers for Sysics game studio are smartphone owners, automotive and healthcare companies. Also entertainment companies who wants to make 3D movies or 2D animations. Specifically, we specialize in mobile casual games, mini games and other needs relevant to potential customers (USA and middle East gamers). Because Sysics game studio provides services, as opposed to a product, our advantages are only as strong as our team. Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, fast, can provide expert artwork and can work on short deadlines, we will take the following steps to support our services: Iterate on the video games using the LiveOps methods using PlayFab backend services by Microsoft Azure in order to deliver personalized experience to players. Ensure account team members use our proprietary planning and reporting process to stay in touch with customers and keep them updated on projects Provide public speaking training sessions for clients of the XR products. All our staff members have at least a four-year experience in this field in similar companies with degrees from computer science and multimedia high institutions. We are a company without a lot of overhead costs or strict corporate rules, which saves time, money and creates a flexible workplace for getting things done Sysics is a trademarked name in the Tunisia, and we have filed for protection of our proprietary processes and other intellectual property, such as our logo. We have also registered our domain name and parked relevant social media accounts for future use and to prevent the likelihood of someone impersonating one of our products. Currently, the only person in charge of sales for Sysics game studio is the marketing manager. As profits increase, Sysics will look to add an expert. This individual will also provide company social media and online marketing support. The company will increase awareness to our targeted customers through online advertising, proactive public relations campaigns, and attending tradeshows, events and conferences.